Brief History

Genesis of IPSA
The idea of forming some kind of an organization to provide stimulus to the poultry developmental activities in the country was a matter of consideration in the Government and University circles for quite sometime. The issue however, received serious thought during the Poultry Research Worker’s Conference in March 1965 at Pune, wherein it was resolved to establish the Indian Poultry Science Association with certain well defined objectives with a view to promote poultry development activities and knowledge base in the field of poultry science.

For an effective working and growth any organization needs a sound base and appropriate support of its constituent Members. The same was true of the IPSA also. The Association was, therefore, rightly provided with the needed support through the scientific and technical hands available at the erstwhile Poultry Research Division of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (UP). With Dr. S. Bose, the then Head of the Division assuming responsibility as an Honorary Chief Editor, the first issue of the Indian Journal of Poultry Science (IJPS), an official organ of the Association, rolled out of press in September 1966. Unfortunately, however, both the Association and its journal suffered a temporary setback during the period 1968-72.

The website of IPSA was launched by Honourable Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences), ICAR, Dr.V.K. Taneja on 2nd February 2005 during the inauguration of XXIII IPSACON-2005 at Hyderabad. The Website was revised and re-launched in new gate-up and with new domain address in September 2010.

Tiding over the turbulent times : Launch of eternal growth path
IPSA witnessed turbulent times from 1968 to 1972 as all its activities came to stand still due to acute financial crisis. But as the nature’s natural course would have it, an emergency meeting of senior members presided by Dr. C.M. Singh (the then Director, IVRI, Izatnagar) on 22 January, 1971 in IMA building, New Delhi resolved to revive the Association’s activities with greater vigor. Despite of acute financial crisis, Dr. B. Panda, the then Chief Editor, IJPS and Head, Poultry Research Division, IVRI, Izatnagar struggled to continue with publication of the journal. It is worth mentioning that the President, Dr. C.M. Singh exhorted Members present in the meeting to contribute at least Rs.100/- each and that he (Dr. C.M. Singh) would pay the balance of money whatsoever to help tide over the financial crisis. The generous financial help instantly coming from such Members together with a donation of Rs.250/- from Kegg Farms, New Delhi brought the Association back onto the rails. Moreover, the IPSA gave birth to WPSA (IB) in one of its meetings held at Madras in 1983 where Dr. C.V. Reddy, formerly Dean, Veterinary College, Hyderabad and Dr. A.G. Khan, formerly Prof. & Head, Poultry Science Department., JNKVV, Jabalpur were respectively elected as Founder President and Secretary.

Over a period of time, the IPSA grew both in size and activities. Many more persons with interest in poultry joined the Association, toiled for its growth, and steered it successfully through to the rough roads. The Association is registered (Registration no. 875/1989-90) with the Registrar of Societies, Bareilly (UP), India.