IPSA Honor & Fellowship

Besides serving as a common rostrum for exchange of ideas amongst the people engaged in different spheres of poultry activity, the IPSA has provided a boost to poultry research, development and extension efforts by recognizing poultry personalities including the scientists, technocrats, industrialists and the journalists for significantly contributing towards the success of poultry farming in India.

1988Prof. C. V. ReddyAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Prof. P. KothandaramanAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Shri C. P. NarangJournalist
1990Dr. B. PandaAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. B. V. RaoIndustrialist
 Shri Ravi ChawlaJournalist
1992Dr. C. M. SinghAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. J. N. PandaTechnocrat
 Shri Vinod KapurIndustrialist
1994Prof. B. S. RamappaAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Prof. P. V. RaoAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. V. D. BulbuleScientist-cum-Technocrat
 Shri T. A. GaffarJournalist
1995Prof. B. S. SatheAcademician-cum-Technocrat
1996Prof. P. K. PaniAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Prof. A. G. KhanAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Prof. A. RamakrishnanAcademician-cum-Scientist
1999Dr. Dalvir Singh DevAcademician/Scientist
 Dr. Balbir SinghAcademician
 Dr. V. R. SadagopanAcademician/Scientist
 Dr. S. RanjanTechnocrat
2000Dr. G. V. RaoAcademician/Scientist
 Dr. A. P. SachdevPoultry Industry Consultant
 Dr. A. K. K. UnniAcademician/Scientist
2003Dr. H. C. SaxenaAcademician-cum- Technocrat
 Dr. B. S. RaoAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. D. C. JohariAcademician-cum-Scientist
2005Dr. C. K. RaoAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. S. C. MohaptraAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. T. KotaiahIndustrialist
 Mr. M. N. RaoPoultry Journalist
2008Dr. G. L. JainTechnocrat
 Dr. B. V. RajmaneAcademician
 Dr. R. K. ShuklaAcademician
 Dr. D. V.  R. Parkash RaoIndustrialist
2009Dr. R. N. Sreenivas GowdaAcademician
 Dr. S. V. S. VermaAcademician
 Dr. V. R. ReddyAcademician
 Dr. G.DevegowdaAcademician
2010Dr. D. Narahari  Academician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. S.K. Sarkar Industrialist
 Dr. T.S. JohriAcademician-cum-Scientist
 Dr. V.L.K. Prasad Industrialist
 Dr. S.C. Mishra Academician-cum-Scientist
2011 Not conferred