Local Chapters

The Regional Face of IPSA
To better understand and provide immediate solutions to any specific problems faced by the poultry farmers or industry in a particular area in the country, provision at article 15 of the IPSA constitution has been made to open Local Chapters (LC) for the purpose. The local branch shall elect a Chairman, a Convener and a Treasurer and 3 to 5 Members to transact the business.

Present Local Chapters
Utranchal (Pantnagar)              Orrissa (Bhubaneswar)
Kerala (Mannuthy)                   Karnataka (Bangalore)
Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad)

Guidelines for opening of Local Chapter
For a harmonious working of the LC, certain guidelines have been given below.
1. Organizers of LC should not have outstanding dues of the Association.
2. Bank account of the LC be opened in the name of the “IPSA (Chapter … place)” only.
3. The activities of the LC should have the approval of the Association.
4. Persons elected on the three positions of the LC should be Life Members of IPSA.
5. Membership of the LC will be approved only after receipt of subscription by the Association.
6. The Office Bearers of the LC will normally be for a two-year term extendable by another term.
7. All activities of the Chapter should be under the name “IPSA” and should have no independent existence.